How to Find the Best Cure for Down Syndrome Sloth

How to find the best cure for Down syndrome sloths?Well, for now, you can’t.But thanks to a study from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, you don’t have to look any further than your backyard for a solution.Researchers say the study is proof that the most common diagnosis for children with Down syndrome is a “sloth disorder.”“It’sRead More

Former AFL star, Mick Malthouse, diagnosed with mental health condition

MEGHAN GORDON/AFP/Getty Images Former Carlton star Mick Mothard has been diagnosed with the mental health disorder mental health, and his wife, Susan, has been put in touch with mental-health experts to help her deal with her husband’s diagnosis.Mothard, who played for the Essendon Bombers from 1999-2004, underwent a psychiatric assessment at the start of thisRead More