When you have Down Syndrome, what can you do?

When you were born with Down Syndrome you probably never had the opportunity to experience any of the things you enjoy, such as sports or music.However, there is a great deal that you can do to get your brain into the best shape possible.It can be a challenge for a child with Down syndrome toRead More

What is Down Syndrome and How Does It Affect Your Life

How does Down Syndrome affect your life?Down Syndrome is a genetic disorder in which a baby is born with one or both of the following defects: Down syndrome is a disorder that affects the development of one or more of the baby’s organs.There are many forms of Down syndrome.It can be inherited from a parentRead More

How to help cats that need your help

Posted November 18, 2019 17:13:03Cat lovers around the world are mourning the death of one of their own, a cat named Down syndrome kitten.The cat, who was about 6 months old when she was euthanased, died peacefully at the vets home on Thursday evening.Her owner, an elderly couple in Cork, Ireland, was not home atRead More

How to get rid of your Down syndrome anorgasmia

Down syndrome and autism can have very different symptoms, but the two conditions share the same neurological condition.As the disorder affects one’s brain and body, the symptoms of one can also be found in another, making it more difficult to distinguish between the two.“People with Down syndrome are extremely sensitive to light and sound,” saidRead More

How to tell if your toddler has Down Syndrome

How do you tell if you’re having Down Syndrome?I can’t tell you that it’s not there, but I can tell you, with my own eyes, that it is.Down Syndrome is a mental disability, not a physical one.So, what do you do if you have Down Syndrome and your toddler does not look like he orRead More

Aussie couple found with baby with Down syndrome in suitcase

A couple who were left with a baby with a rare genetic condition has been reunited with their baby after their suitcase went missing for several days.Key points:The couple was on their way to a doctor’s appointment at the Royal Adelaide Hospital when their suitcase was found on the side of the roadThe suitcase wasRead More

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