How to Get Rid of Down Syndrome and Get on With Your Life

The condition that affects about 2.5 million children worldwide is now understood to be caused by the duplication of genes in two genes involved in the development of the immune system.But it has also been linked to the duplication in the genes that code for a protein that regulates the production of a neurotransmitter calledRead More

Why do people with Down Syndrome choose to wear hats?

The Down syndrome community has come up with a name for the phenomenon that can lead to hearing loss, but now they’re having a name to call themselves.The Down syndrome Ear, Hat, and Hat Headband (DHHHH) has been launched by the Down syndrome Head, Face and Hand Association, or DHHHH.DHHH says the name reflects theRead More

How Translocation Down Syndrome Became a Killer in the Philippines

As the Philippines’ latest wave of the Zika virus has spread through the country, there have been concerns that the virus could have infected hundreds of thousands of pregnant women in the country.Now, a team of researchers is reporting that the country’s newest wave of Zika has already begun infecting pregnant women.The researchers, led byRead More