How to find down syndrome infant milestones

Down syndrome infant is a child with a birth defect, with severe learning disabilities, which may include: severe learning disability, difficulty reading, and communication problems.Down syndrome is one of the most prevalent developmental disabilities in the world and is caused by the presence of an extra copy of chromosome 19 on the X chromosome.Researchers areRead More

How to tell if your toddler has Down Syndrome

How do you tell if you’re having Down Syndrome?I can’t tell you that it’s not there, but I can tell you, with my own eyes, that it is.Down Syndrome is a mental disability, not a physical one.So, what do you do if you have Down Syndrome and your toddler does not look like he orRead More

How to create your own Down Syndrome behavior blog

You don’t need to be a down syndrome individual to make a difference.This is a blog about creating your own behavior blog, or down syndrome website, as it is known.The idea is to help you create a blog or website that helps you identify and support people with Down Syndrome.That way you can be heardRead More