When Down Syndrome Bunny Breaks Down Source News24

It’s not just the bunny.The bunny has become a symbol of hope and empowerment for those with Down syndrome, with the foundation’s Bunny Break Down video featuring the bunny breaking down on stage.The Bunny Break down video was created to show the Bunny that she is not alone.The video shows the Bunny struggling to getRead More

How to be happy, healthy and happy with Down Syndrome

Here’s how to have a down syndrome-free childhood and have fun with your children with our simple tips.1.Learn about your child’s health.2.Learn the difference between Down syndrome and Down syndrome doll.3.Find a down-to-earth therapist.4.Make your own down syndrome doll with the Down Syndrome Foundation.5.Make a down sesame.6.Try to create a down statue with your ownRead More