Down syndrome: Is it the same as Down syndrome?

As people who have Down syndrome grow older, their mental and physical development continues to deteriorate, according to a new study.The findings from a large Australian study published in the Journal of the Australian Medical Association (JAMA) reveal that the number of people with Down syndrome and autism is increasing.The researchers looked at more thanRead More

Which Down syndrome doctors are the most controversial?

Posted March 10, 2019 06:30:22The world of sports medicine is littered with doctors who are controversial.They are all either controversial or controversial because they don’t know their patients, they don�t understand them or they are the wrong person for their job.The first time I heard of a doctor who was controversial, it was in 2010Read More

What I learned from having Down Syndrome as a child

When I was 3, my mother had a rare form of brain cancer.I’d always been good at reading, but when the disease was diagnosed, my ability to do so began to deteriorate.I had trouble speaking, and my speech was slurred and my body language was awkward.My mother had surgery and I was taken to theRead More