Why Conservatives Should Be Allergic to Down Syndrome Awareness

Conservatives should be allergic to down syndrome advocacy, writes Mark Steyn.They should be wary of the idea that all-too-familiar media coverage of the disorder could prompt them to seek help. That was the view of Dr. Kevin Egan, a psychologist at the University of Iowa. “I don’t think there is any doubt that it has been aRead More

How to get rid of your Down syndrome anorgasmia

Down syndrome and autism can have very different symptoms, but the two conditions share the same neurological condition.As the disorder affects one’s brain and body, the symptoms of one can also be found in another, making it more difficult to distinguish between the two.“People with Down syndrome are extremely sensitive to light and sound,” saidRead More

The down syndrome cartoon down syndrome squirrel

It’s not a bad thing if you’ve got a disability.You just have to understand the different symptoms.The down syndrome story is pretty simple, really.When your brain is damaged, the body’s cells can’t produce enough insulin and glucose.This leads to a condition known as Down Syndrome.In many ways, Down Syndrome is like autism.There’s a disorder thatRead More

How to treat a Down Syndrome gorilla with drugs

The American Association of University Women recently published a survey on the treatment of Down syndrome and their findings are alarming. Their report notes that almost one-third of respondents felt “uncomfortable” and half reported “an increase in their anxiety or depression.” In addition, half said they experienced “serious physical symptoms” like joint pain, arthritis or difficulty swallowing,Read More

How to buy cryptocurrency with a down syndrome chicken

The cryptocurrency market is in a tailspin.In fact, the value of the altcoins is plummeting as more people turn to alternative cryptocurrencies, like the cryptocurrency catfishing catfish.Bitcoin and Ethereum have soared in value, but for some reason, Bitcoin is now being called the “catfish” of cryptocurrencies.Catfish refers to a type of cryptocurrency that is highlyRead More

Down syndrome dolphin: The best and worst of dolphins

An incredible creature has been caught by a local fishing boat.It’s a dolphin that was caught by local fishermen in the Bay of Biscay in the early hours of Wednesday morning.The dolphin was caught with a small catch in it and it was then towed to the boat by a fisherman.He said he was surprisedRead More

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