Why do Australians are falling behind?

In 2017, the number of babies born with Down Syndrome in Australia fell from 1,039 to 807, the Department of Human Services reported.This year the number is expected to fall to 635, a reduction of 50 per cent.The Department of Health says it has been working hard to find a cure for Down Syndrome, butRead More

When a pet is ‘down syndrome’ it means they are genetically predisposed to suffer from some of the same diseases that affect humans, experts say

A pet is “down syndrome” if it has the genetic predisposition to suffer a range of disorders including Down syndrome, the Jerusalem Post reported on Wednesday.According to a report by The Jerusalem Times, experts in the field of genetic disorders and disabilities have said that it is important to look for genetic predispositions and takeRead More

Which countries are having the biggest cases of Down Syndrome?

When it comes to Down Syndrome, the world’s largest population of people with the chromosomal condition is South Africa.The nation ranks second in the world for the number of cases.But it’s the other countries of Africa that are having more people with Down Syndrome than the U.S. And some countries have a problem.The World HealthRead More

Which species are frogs with Down syndrome?

We’ve all heard the term “down syndrome” but what about frogs with it?They’re all around us, and yet we haven’t heard of any species with it.That’s because frogs with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) have a hard time making friends and have no social skills.That means they can’t play with other frogs, like the one picturedRead More

How to create your own Down Syndrome behavior blog

You don’t need to be a down syndrome individual to make a difference.This is a blog about creating your own behavior blog, or down syndrome website, as it is known.The idea is to help you create a blog or website that helps you identify and support people with Down Syndrome.That way you can be heardRead More

How to tell if your baby is Down syndrome and what you can do about it

Share The latest research is looking at how different types of Down syndrome are diagnosed and what the research says about how they relate to parenting.A study published in the American Journal of Orthopsychiatry found that when parents are more confident in their diagnosis, their children tend to have better outcomes.Researchers found that parents whoRead More

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