Down syndrome down syndrome

The down syndrome down Syndrome is one of the most common and challenging mental disorders.This article will show you how to manage your symptoms and make it easier for others to cope with the challenges of this devastating condition.Down syndrome is a genetic condition which affects between one and two in every thousand people.People withRead More

How to celebrate down syndrome with a down syndrome themed emoji,

By Sara T. Davis, TechCrunch EditorThe down syndrome family is known for its diverse and often difficult social interactions.While a person with the condition may experience a lot of anxiety and stress in their daily life, their symptoms can also be debilitating.For example, some people with Down Syndrome can experience debilitating anxiety.Others with Down syndromeRead More

What is happy down syndrome and why are you so scared?

Happy down syndrome is a rare disorder in which the brain is damaged, causing people to experience sadness, anger and depression.It is often seen in older people, and in some children, but can also occur in people with intellectual disabilities.Read moreNews in Science4.9K Shares Share Share Share 4.8K Share Share

How to define Down syndrome, but not all sufferers are suffering

Defining Down syndrome is not as simple as saying it is an autism spectrum disorder.Many sufferers have normal brain development, but do not necessarily meet the diagnostic criteria.It is not clear why this is the case.Some have normal brains and some do not.Some may be very intelligent but not necessarily social.Others have normal social skillsRead More

How to make a bracelet that makes you ‘feel’ down syndrome

The bracelet is a product of a New York City company called Down Syndrome Ultrasound, which is now looking to expand.The company’s first product is a device that’s been designed to track the progress of people who are diagnosed with the condition, which causes severe weakness in the arms and legs.The bracelet will be ableRead More

Why you might be suffering from down syndrome: the mouse

There’s a new breed of mouse that lives up to its name.These mice have a hard time walking on their hind legs, and when they’re tired they collapse.It’s one of the most common causes of autism.If you’re one of them, this article is for you.These mouse, named K-1, was born in the US, and scientistsRead More

What is a Down Syndrome College?

DOWN SYNDICATE CAMPUS, CA – JANUARY 15: The entrance to a Down syndrome college in Irvine, California, January 15, 2019.A group of about 50 students and their parents, members of the Down Syndrome Society, stand outside of the entrance to the Down syndrome campus on January 15.(Photo by Scott Strazzante/The Orange County Register via GettyRead More

Down syndrome singer goes viral on social media

The singer down syndrome singer is having a moment.The popular artist has been posting on Instagram and Twitter and has amassed over 6.5 million followers.He has also been featured on the cover of Billboard magazine, a cover story on, a Billboard Magazine profile and a Billboard Cover Story.“Down Syndrome is my gift to theRead More

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