When you have Down Syndrome, what can you do?

When you were born with Down Syndrome you probably never had the opportunity to experience any of the things you enjoy, such as sports or music.

However, there is a great deal that you can do to get your brain into the best shape possible.

It can be a challenge for a child with Down syndrome to walk, talk, or eat, and many people are afraid of the unknown.

However there is hope, thanks to a new documentary, Down Syndrome: The Truth.

The documentary aims to make the public aware of the truth about the condition, and to encourage people to support and help others with Down’s.

As a result, the film has already generated a lot of discussion on social media, and it’s already been watched by over 20 million people.

The documentary follows a group of children with Down and other forms of developmental disorders, who live in England.

One of the children’s primary occupations is playing a game called Moo-Moo, which involves taking pictures of themselves, and sending them to their friends for sharing.

However this is just one example of the challenges that Down Syndrome children face.

One of the film’s primary characters, John, is diagnosed with Down, but his family don’t have the luxury of a diagnosis.

The family live in a small village in Essex, and the children are not able to access the proper medical care.

In fact, John is often treated with a combination of drugs and therapies, with his condition constantly worsening.

Despite this, John remains determined to do what he loves, even when he knows that he may not be able to do it alone.

As the film shows, people with Down can do amazing things.

The film also reveals that a growing number of people with the condition are now living without having to have their condition diagnosed.

This is exciting news for those with Down.

In this interview, Dr. Tom Gannon, a paediatrician and founder of the Down Syndrome charity Down Syndrome UK, discusses the documentary and how the condition affects the lives of people around the world.