I am down to my last puppy

An Indian girl has been hailed as a model for the Down Syndrome breed after she posted a video of herself being kissed on the cheek by a puppy she found online.

In the video, which has gone viral on social media, the girl, who does not want to be named, says she was watching a puppy while shopping at a mall in Pune.

“I was shocked.

I looked at the puppy and thought it was a puppy,” she said.

The video went viral, but not because it was so adorable.

It was because the puppy was a “hot down syndrome” dog.

“The puppy is a very happy puppy and a very good puppy,” said Praveen, the owner of the puppy.

“I have a very strict rule: I am not going to touch the dog,” she told NDTV.

“But I wanted to do it to the puppy for a few days.”

She also added: “I did not expect the puppy to be this sweet.”

The girl, a student from Bihar’s Narmada region, was inspired by the dog’s owner, Akshay Kumar, who posted a picture of his pet on his Instagram account.

“It is so nice to see a puppy and it is so cute, that I decided to post the picture on Instagram,” he said in the video.

“After the first few days, I thought he was a dog, but then I saw the other dog in the picture and thought he is a puppy.”

“He has a very sweet smile,” said Kumar, adding that the puppy will have to learn to eat and drink on his own.

“He is very gentle, he is also very strong,” he added.

“He is also good at jumping.”PETA, a UK-based group campaigning against the “cruelty” of puppy breeders, condemned the video and said it had no place in society.

“This video is a sad reminder that the ‘hot down’ syndrome dogs are far from normal,” said an official statement.

“This is why breeders and breeders’ rights activists must be held accountable for the abuse and killing of these dogs.”

India has one of the highest numbers of Down syndrome cases in the world, with one in seven children having a genetic disorder.

The dog in this video is an example of the “hot-down syndrome” breed, and is not a puppy.

It is a “dog with Down syndrome” who is not yet fully socialised and is “not fully social” to humans.

“We are so sad and shocked to hear that a young girl has chosen to share her passion for a puppy with someone who has no experience of the breed,” PETA India spokesperson Praveena Kumari said.

“The fact that she is sharing her passion with someone else and is using it to help another dog is incredibly brave and will inspire others to come forward with their own stories and experiences of puppy love.”

India’s laws governing the breed make it illegal to breed dogs with Down Syndrome.