What to know about arrow head injuries and other injuries in the ARRL News

Arrow head injuries, neck injuries and shoulder injuries have been reported in archery circles since the early 1990s, when a woman was shot in the neck during an archery competition.

A few years later, a man was hit in the shoulder while shooting a turkey hunt with his bow, and a woman in the head while shooting at deer in the same area.

Since then, several incidents have been documented in archers’ and archery-related incidents, including a woman shot in her home in 2014 after she was accidentally struck by a deer and injured by a stray bullet.

And now, more serious injuries have become more common.

In 2016, a woman’s leg was fractured by a bullet in her leg while she was on the course of her turkey hunt in the state of Texas.

A man in his 60s was shot during a turkey hunting session in Montana.

In 2017, a young woman was injured when she fell off the back of her hunting horse and was hit by a shot while hunting with her family at the park in the northwestern part of Wyoming.

In 2018, a mother of two was hit and killed by a bolt of lightning while on a turkey shooting at a family-run hunting and fishing camp in North Dakota.

The injuries were described as “horrific” by local news outlets.

The latest arrow head injury has been reported to the National Weather Service in 2017.

A woman in her 60s and a man in their 60s were both hit in different parts of the chest by a single arrow fired during a hunt at a private hunting and camping site in Montana in late May.

In July, a 27-year-old woman in Wyoming fell off her hunting and target shooting horse and sustained severe head injuries while shooting with a bow and arrow while shooting turkeys at a turkey-hunting camp in South Dakota.

And in October, a 55-year, six-time World War II veteran and his wife were shot in separate incidents while hunting at a ranch in Utah, with the wife being struck in the arm and the veteran in the chest.

A few years ago, the ARR reported a man who was hit on the head by a dart thrown by a hunter was in critical condition.

The National Shooting Sports Foundation reported in 2018 that an injury from arrow shooting is the most common cause of injury in archer-related events.

The ARR said an injury was reported to them about one in three archers were injured.

According to the ARL, the number of arrow head and shoulder accidents increased dramatically in the early 2000s, before decreasing significantly after the 2015 U.S. election.

Archery-Related Events In 2017 The ARL reported 686 arrow head, shoulder and neck injuries reported to it.

Of those, a total of 826 injuries were fatal.

Of these, 616 were fatal in 2017, down from 629 fatal injuries in 2016.

In 2018, the U.K. saw more arrow head/shoulder/neck injuries reported, with 567 injuries reported.

Of the 667 injuries, 528 were fatal, down 13% from the 679 fatal injuries reported in 2017 and down 8% from 689 fatal injuries recorded in 2016 and 2016.

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