What happens when the “Down Syndrome Sharks” take over the NBA?

ESPN Crazies, I’m here to tell you that the “down syndrome sharks” are back in business.

This time it’s the NBA and not the NFL.

As you may have noticed, the NBA is still struggling with the “inappropriate” language in the league’s language policy.

This is a bit like the “cocaine and heroin epidemic” in the NBA.

In fact, the entire “down” thing was already problematic back in the day, as we wrote in December 2015.

As we pointed out, the “Inappropriate” part is still in effect, so when the NBA adopted a language policy this past summer, it essentially removed the “no” part of the phrase, and left the “up” part intact.

However, the policy doesn’t leave much room for ambiguity, so you’ll have to scroll through the rules to find the language that is now considered appropriate.

For example, if a player uses the word “up,” you can still say “up, up.”

Similarly, if you say “down,” you still can say “Down, Down.”

This is because the rule doesn’t define what “down is.”

The language has been so rigid and clear-cut that it’s nearly impossible to know what a player means.

As of this writing, only four of the 36 players on the league-wide roster have been officially sanctioned for using inappropriate language.

Here’s what that looks like: The rules also leave a lot of room for interpretation.

For instance, a player might not necessarily be fined for using the word.

However; a player who uses “down on a basketball” would still be fined.

In some instances, the language may be vague, so it’s not clear what constitutes a foul.

That could be why players have taken to Instagram to post videos of themselves using the words, and how they feel about it.

The language has made the NBA a laughingstock in some circles, so I have to wonder how this will play out on the court.

I’m not surprised by the NBA’s language crackdown, but I do wonder how it will affect the league going forward.

I wonder if players will just continue to use the language of the “insensitive,” or if they’ll be more selective about how they use the word on social media.

Either way, it’s definitely a tough decision to make, especially considering how quickly the word has come to be used.

It’s a sad commentary on how quickly people have embraced the term “down.”

As for what this means for me, I don’t know.

I just know that I won’t be using it on social networks anymore.

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