Down syndrome is a thing! This cute little clipart is for kids who are Down syndrome and don’t want their condition to be a thing

Posted August 08, 2019 05:25:15The name of this adorable little clip art comes from the Down syndrome superhero, Down Syndrome Superman.

The character, who was created by artist, and comic book creator, Jim Lee, is based on the character from the comic book series DC Comics.

The artist created the artwork using his family’s Down syndrome as a inspiration.

In this clipart the character looks down and sees a little boy, Down syndrome, running with a toy and says, “I like this.”

The little boy then runs back to his mother and says “Mommy, I’m down!”

While the artwork is cute and innocent, the creators are not letting Down syndrome be a stigma that is hurting their family.

The creators say that they are “cute Down syndrome” and want to show how different children can be when it comes to Down syndrome.

This little artwork is just one piece of the larger collection of art that the artist has created for the Down Syndrome Down syndrome super hero, Down Series, which will be available at an online comic book shop on August 8, 2019.

The comic book that inspired the artwork was created and published by DC Comics in 1989.

The creator of the artwork said, “When I first saw this piece of artwork, I had no idea that this would be the end result.

I am truly humbled by the support from our readers and all around the world.

I will never give up on my dreams and continue to do my best to help the people that are living with Down syndrome.”

The artist added, “In a time when so many families are struggling to find the resources to get through a difficult time, it is wonderful to see so many of you stand up and support us in this time of need.”

This piece of art was created for a group of families with Down Syndrome.

The artwork is now available at the online comic shop DC Comics for $9.99.

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