Down syndrome dolphin: The best and worst of dolphins

An incredible creature has been caught by a local fishing boat.

It’s a dolphin that was caught by local fishermen in the Bay of Biscay in the early hours of Wednesday morning.

The dolphin was caught with a small catch in it and it was then towed to the boat by a fisherman.

He said he was surprised at how much he caught.

He was hoping to make a few more, but he said he had a few on his plate.

A video posted on Facebook by one of the fishermen shows the dolphin with a large hook attached to the tail of the boat.

The fisherman said he thought it was a great catch.

The video shows a number of dolphins on the deck and the fishing boat, which was parked at a dock at the time of the incident.

The dolphins are known as the dolphin of the Bay, the dolphin-like dolphin that has been seen in the bay.

The catch is one of several caught on Wednesday.

The dolphins were caught near the port of Bixio in northern Biscays north.