Down Syndrome cat bracelet down syndrome, bracelets down syndrome

Down syndrome cat bracelets are now available for purchase at a discount.

The bracelets will go on sale today at select online retailers and Walmart stores, and will be available for pre-order starting August 4, according to a press release from Walmart.

They are available for $14.95 at Walmart and will go up to $24.95 for online retailers.

“We are so excited to offer these affordable bracelets to our customers,” said Bill Pemberton, Walmart senior vice president of global distribution.

“The price point is really just right for a down syndrome cat.

It is an affordable solution that meets the needs of people who have Down syndrome and those who do not, and has the versatility to be worn anywhere.”

The bracelets feature a pattern of dots that is similar to the shape of the letters “D” and “S.”

The cat is also equipped with a small pouch for water.

The price is $19.95, and the pre-orders will be open starting today.

The bracelet can be purchased at the Walmart online store and Walmart Stores.

A small number of other retailers will also be carrying the bracelets.

The retailer is also offering the bracelet at a discounted price at the Wal-Mart store.