‘A person with Down syndrome is just a normal child’: New Scientist

New Scientist – 25th May 2018 – By Sarah Leighton, Sarah McNeill, Chris Wark, Daniel McNeill and Adam Hargreaves, New Scientist The following article first appeared in New Scientist magazine.

It is reprinted with permission.

The term ‘Down syndrome’ is used to describe people who have inherited the genetic disorder of Down syndrome.

The syndrome affects about 5% of the world’s population, but it affects only 0.2% of people with the disorder.

But, as with many other disorders, the syndrome can be complex, with a number of variations and associated challenges.

As with other mental health disorders, there is no single cure for the syndrome, but a number can be helped by treatments.

There are currently five drugs available to treat the syndrome: dexamethasone (Dexa), phenytoin (Phenytoin), carbamazepine (Cebapro), risperidone (Risperid), and risperipine (Rescor).

There is also the drug rivastigmine which is used in the treatment of cancer.

It was the first drug to be approved for the treatment in the UK, and was approved in March 2018.

It also works in some forms of dementia and some forms.

The first clinical trials of this drug in humans started in 2016.

The UK has been one of the main markets for the drug.

There is now a second drug available to the NHS in the form of rivadoxamine, which has not been approved for people with Down’s syndrome.

Both drugs can be given in pill, tablet, injection or subcutaneous form.

The new drug has been tested in more than 100 patients.

In June 2018, a further seven trials were carried out in patients with Down Syndrome.

The trials involved the drug in combination with either an immunotherapy or a combination of immunotherapy and cognitive behavioural therapy.

The latest trial results are available in November 2018.

The trial also found that people with down syndrome are less likely to develop psychosis and depression.

People with Downs syndrome have a different treatment plan than those with other disorders.

This is partly because there is less genetic variation between people with this disorder and people with other psychiatric disorders.

In the trial, people with up to four symptoms were treated with an immunosuppressive drug.

This drug, called dexametasone, blocks the body’s ability to produce the neurotransmitter serotonin, which is essential for normal functioning of the brain.

However, it has a number side effects including anxiety, dizziness and memory problems.

In contrast, people who had four or more symptoms were given a treatment called carbamazephine, which blocks the ability of the body to make serotonin, a hormone involved in emotion and reward.

This reduces the severity of symptoms.

The drug is used mainly for people who are overweight or obese and has not yet been approved by the UK government for people older than 60.

It can also be used for people whose mental health is at risk of worsening or dying from another mental health disorder.

People who are on a life support drug such as methadone or buprenorphine are also being monitored closely for the disease.

However there is currently no treatment for people on methadose, which means they have not taken the drug for many years.

There have been a number trials of an alternative drug called risperidine, which was first approved in Australia in 2017.

It has been available for a number years in some settings, but not for Down Syndrome patients.

It works by blocking the body from making the neurotransmitters dopamine and serotonin.

There has also been a trial in the US where people on the drug were given it for up to three years.

This trial was in people with two or more of the five symptoms.

It found that patients with two symptoms were less likely than people on other treatments to develop psychotic symptoms.

However this trial also showed that people who took risperide had fewer adverse effects than those on the other drugs.

The reason for the lower incidence of psychotic symptoms is not known.

There may also be other factors at play, including better treatment and more research into how to use the drug effectively in people who already have other psychiatric illnesses.

The research on risperidi also found no benefit from taking it in people on a diet.

In fact, the research found that risperides use increased the risk of developing dementia.

Researchers believe the reason for this may be that people on risporides take up extra nutrients from their diet.

It may also take up additional brain energy to do the same job.

Other drugs for Down syndrome are also in the pipeline, and the research has not confirmed if they will be better than those currently in clinical trials.

But the next drug that has been approved is a combination therapy, which uses two different drugs in combination.

This treatment is being developed in the USA, and it is the first of its kind in the world.

The treatment

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