The world is going deaf as the world’s deafest language continues to die

A new study finds that as many as 50% of all the world is still living with aphasia, and the latest data from the World Aphasia Society (WAS) indicates that the disease is on the rise.

The World Apsaisees is the global network of experts working to promote and preserve the language, as well as its use and cultural value.

In the latest survey, published in the journal Language and Communication Research, it’s clear that people are still suffering with the condition.

For instance, about a third of the world still lacks an acceptable, native language to express feelings and emotions, and about 15% of the population still lacks the ability to communicate their thoughts and feelings through speech.

The results of the survey show that many people around the world are struggling to cope with this loss of language and culture.

And some people aren’t even able to understand the language in the first place.

WASS, the largest global network working to advance the language of the deaf, is a partnership between WASS and the University of California, Los Angeles, and is composed of more than 200 linguists, cognitive scientists, and researchers working in a wide variety of disciplines.

The group is a collaboration between linguists and scholars from around the globe.

The language of language “is essential to the social and economic life of the people who live in it,” WASS says on its website.

“The global network and the efforts of the members make this essential, and it will continue to grow.”

The survey, which was conducted in 2015, is considered the most comprehensive survey ever conducted of people living with disabilities.

The data is based on a survey of 1,000 people who had lived with a language-related disability in the previous six months, and those respondents were then interviewed by experts in a range of areas, including speech, language processing, and language understanding.

The researchers also analyzed data from a broader sample of participants to determine what language-specific skills people lacked.

In general, people with language-deficient disabilities are less able to communicate in a way that makes sense, or to use language in a manner that makes them comfortable.

They also are less likely to have a language that can be understood by others.

“When you have language-impairment and language-disability and lack of a native language, it can be very difficult for you to function at home or work, because you’re not communicating as well or you’re having problems with social interaction,” says Paul Dolan, who led the study.

He is a professor at the University at Buffalo, where he is also a professor of English and comparative literature.

“It’s very difficult to make friends or get along with people because you can’t understand them,” he says.

“And it’s very hard to learn a language because you just can’t.”

Language has been defined as a set of physical and behavioral traits that give us a sense of belonging to a group or an imagined community.

It’s the foundation of communication and cultural expression, meaning that a language can have meanings and meaning that are distinct from its use.

But in the case of speech, Dolan says, that language doesn’t translate well into a natural language like English.

He says that in many languages, the ability of speakers to communicate and learn a new language is limited by a set or group of social, cultural, and linguistic barriers that make it difficult for people to learn or use the language.

Language, in short, is “a thing that’s not something we think of as a thing,” he explains.

The survey also found that language is an important part of people’s lives, but people are far from being fluent in it.

The median age of the language speakers surveyed was about 44 years old, with almost a quarter of the participants living in countries that lack a formal government system for administering language education.

The average language spoken by people with a disability was about 50% English and 25% Spanish.

About 40% of people who spoke a language other than English or Spanish were deaf.

While language can be a vital part of daily life, for many people, it becomes an obstacle to daily activities.

Dolan points to a recent survey conducted by the United Nations that found that, in some areas of the developing world, more than 80% of children with disabilities are unable to read.

In some countries, like China, the rate of literacy among children with a hearing disability is a third higher than the rate among children without a hearing impairment.

The study found that most people with disabilities have limited skills in a number of areas that help them interact with people and objects.

For example, they are more likely to not know how to use a mirror, or their ability to understand gestures or facial expressions is limited.

In fact, only about 20% of adults surveyed had an understanding of how to do anything in a physical space, according to the survey.

Danks says the world could be getting better at speaking to people, but that

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