Down syndrome guy’s viral cure could be the cure for Down syndrome

A viral cure for down syndrome could be on the horizon, according to Down Syndrome Guy, who says his cure could soon be on his hands. 

A spokesperson for the UK charity Cure for Down Syndrome (CDF) said that it was in the early stages of testing its own cure, and that the company is not yet available to answer questions.

“We’re not going to go into specifics as to how the treatment works, but we do know that the treatments we’re testing are a new and very different type of therapy, which means that there are still a lot of challenges ahead of us,” said Cure for Backwards Syndrome.”CDF will be testing different types of therapies in order to test whether we can find a new treatment that will be able to reduce the incidence of the condition.”CDF, which has already raised over £1m for its own Down syndrome cure in the UK, says its research has shown that people with Down syndrome are at an increased risk of developing a range of disorders including autism, epilepsy, schizophrenia, depression and anxiety.

“The more the research shows, the more we feel confident that the cure is there, and we hope that the Cure for the condition will be ready for patients soon,” said Dr Paul Tait, Cure for Forward Syndrome. 

CDF has so far raised over $5.4m for a cure, but the charity is not expected to be available to offer any advice or offer a cure until 2018. 

There are currently four treatments in clinical trials for Down’s syndrome, but none have proven to be as effective as the treatments currently in use. 

The new type of treatment has not yet been approved by the Food Standards Agency (FSA), but experts are hopeful that it could be in the pipeline soon. 

“I am very optimistic that we’ll see the cure come through within a few years,” said Tait.

“I think it’s very exciting.”

Cure for Down Sys has set up an online support group to help people find out more about the cure, as well as offering advice on how to manage their condition. 

In 2018, CureforDownSys launched a campaign called Down Syndrome Day, in which they gave away thousands of micrograms of the new drug to the public to help spread awareness about the condition.

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