Diagnosis for Down Syndrome prognosis

People who have Down syndrome will need to have a more complicated prognosis than normal, as it will be more likely to have complications such as kidney disease and lung problems, a new study suggests.

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The study, which looked at 1,903 people with Down syndrome and 905 controls, found that those with Down’s syndrome had a higher risk of developing certain medical conditions than the general population.

But it also found that people with the disorder have a better prognosis when compared to the general general population, including a lower risk of heart attacks and strokes.

“If you look at the prognosis, it’s really good, and that’s why I’m excited,” said study author Dr. Andrew Lipps.

The findings have important implications for people with other disorders, including Huntington’s disease, autism spectrum disorders, and Down’s Syndrome, which causes autism.”

This is something that I think is important for everyone who has a genetic disorder.”

The findings have important implications for people with other disorders, including Huntington’s disease, autism spectrum disorders, and Down’s Syndrome, which causes autism.

Lipps is the lead author of the study, and is a researcher at the Institute for Medical and Clinical Research in London, England.

He and his team looked at data on the ages of the people with different conditions, and how those conditions compared to their prognosis.

The findings showed that people diagnosed with Down Syndrome had a significantly lower chance of developing a heart attack or stroke than the people without Down syndrome, the researchers found.

“We know that the risk of having a stroke is very high in people with both Down syndrome [and] Huntington’s, so it’s important that we get these patients on our treatment plans,” Lippers said.

The study looked at people who had Down’s and Huntington’s diseases and were either diagnosed with any of the three conditions or had no symptoms.

The researchers also looked at a group of people with anorexia nervosa and bulimia nervosa.

“So if you have one of those conditions and you are overweight or obese, that’s going to make you more likely,” Lips said.

“We know if you’re overweight or obesity, you’re more likely than a normal person to have problems with the heart, you are more likely, for example, to have high blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol and high blood triglycerides.”

You also have a greater risk of dying from any of these things.

“For people with some of these other conditions, there is a higher chance of dying because you’re not on the treatment plan.”

Lippers is a member of the team that recently published a study in the journal PLOS ONE, which found that the risks for people diagnosed as having Down syndrome were even higher than the risk for people without the condition.

The researchers say this new study is the first to look at prognosis and predictors for Down’s patients.

They also say that people should take care of their health as much as possible and get their physicals checked.

“There is an increasing trend in the United States for people to look after their health and make sure they have the right tests done and have a physical,” Litts said.

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