Crypto Coins: Down Syndrome Frog and Down Syndrome Duck are now available on Cryptocash

Crypto Coins are on the rise, and with good reason.

A recent report from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, which examined the usage of Cryptocurrencies by individuals living with Down Syndrome, found that nearly 50% of individuals with Down syndrome used Cryptocurrency in the past year.

The report also noted that the usage rate for digital currencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum is now over 70%.

In fact, nearly 50 percent of individuals living in the US with Down’s Syndrome now use CryptocURRICOM tokens, according to a study published by the University’s Center for Health Systems Research.

According to a statement from Cryptocampaign, this is the first time the cryptocurrency industry has been able to quantify usage of these two rare diseases.

“Cryptocurrency adoption among individuals living under the age of 35 is increasing rapidly,” the statement reads.

“The U.S. is now home to a significant number of individuals diagnosed with Downs Syndrome.

We hope that CryptocAMPaign will continue to provide our community with tools to facilitate their education, and to assist with their treatment and support.”

The study also noted, however, that the use of cryptocurrencies is not the only reason for the increased use of digital currencies.

The study revealed that while most individuals living living with these conditions prefer to spend their time in a virtual environment, Cryptocamps and Cryptocas are also used for gaming and other non-essential activities.

The CryptoCamp and team is also excited to announce that CryptoCash, a cryptocurrency wallet designed for those living with the rare condition, has been added to the Cryptocapaign app.

Users can now access their wallet in the Cryptocoin app, which has the ability to automatically create wallets for each individual who requests it.

This means that the Cryptacoin wallet is already in the hands of many individuals who are in need of help with their finances.

Cryptocampaffiliates, like the CryptoCamp, are looking forward to the opportunity to provide support to individuals living at the highest risk for developing Down Syndrome.

For more information on the Foundation, visit:

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