An Asians Down Syndrome (APD) hotline for Australia

A new Australia-wide Down Syndrome hotline is opening this week, allowing people with Down Syndrome to report their diagnosis, find support and get the help they need.

The Australian Down Syndrome Information Service (ADIS) will offer support and referrals to people with the disorder, as well as help with accessing the legal and health care system, as the first of its kind in Australia.”ADIS is here to offer a free resource to all Australians who have experienced a diagnosis of Down Syndrome, and who have come to Australia seeking support,” said Dr Joanna Bailie, ADIS director.

“Through this service, we will connect with individuals and families and give them the opportunity to speak to their doctor, and get their medical records updated.”

The first of our new services to open is a one-stop-shop for people to report a diagnosis or have any questions about their diagnosis.”ADIS will be available to people in Melbourne, Canberra, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide and Darwin from Monday to Thursday from 10am to 7pm.”

If you are a person with Down syndrome and need help or information, we are here for you,” said Mr David Pryce, ADis director.

The service is free and open to everyone.”

We want to make sure we are reaching everyone who has experienced the devastating loss of their life,” Dr Bail.”

It is not easy for people with a diagnosis like Down Syndrome or any other disability to access medical support, and it is not always possible to have the support they need.

“Mr Pryce said the hotline was one of the first in Australia to be set up for people experiencing a diagnosis, and would be expanded across the country to other states.”

What we’re hoping to do is give people a way to connect and share information with their doctor and get support and information about the medical care system and how to access it,” he said.”

So it will be open to people who have a diagnosis who are at risk of dying, and we’re trying to reach those people.””

The ADIS is about connecting with other people and making sure that we can help them.

We are not there to just support people who are suffering, we’re there to help them.

“Adelaide-based medical expert and lecturer at the University of Adelaide, Dr Sarah Tisch, said she was “excited” to see the service open.”

I’m excited for the people who need the help, the people in need of support, the Australians with Down’s syndrome who are struggling, who are really suffering, and are struggling to get the support and help they so desperately need,” she said.

Dr Tisch said she hoped the service would be used by others as a “place to turn when you’re feeling down”.”

I think that it’s great for people who experience a diagnosis with Downs syndrome, to come to the ADIS and we can have an outlet, and I think it’s a really good thing,” she added.

The service will also be open on weekends from 10.30am to 6pm, and from Monday through to Saturday from 6.30pm.

To find out more about the service and other services, visit: …

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