Why do people with Down Syndrome choose to wear hats?

The Down syndrome community has come up with a name for the phenomenon that can lead to hearing loss, but now they’re having a name to call themselves.

The Down syndrome Ear, Hat, and Hat Headband (DHHHH) has been launched by the Down syndrome Head, Face and Hand Association, or DHHHH.DHHH says the name reflects the way in which the hats are worn, with the hat being the focal point and the ear, face and hand being the others.

The group says the term is a tribute to the people who wear the hats and how they represent them.

They’re the ones who are in the minority and in our community, they’re the haters and haters will never be accepted, they will never see us.

So what does it mean to be a hat hat hat?

The name reflects that the hat is the focal points and the other parts of the face, hand and head are not.

You have to go to a different place to see the hat hat, so it’s really about people’s identity.

The hats are made from 100% natural wool.

It’s a non-slip material, meaning it doesn’t slip off your head or your ears, which means it stays put.

The hats come in three sizes and can be worn for all sorts of occasions, from school to work.

They come in a variety of colours, shapes and patterns and are available for men, women and children.

The DHHHDH is currently working on a series of new hats, and is looking for more volunteers.

“We’re trying to raise awareness of the hat and the hat hats as well as get the word out about what’s happening to the community in the UK,” DHHHLH’s CEO and founder, Mark Wilson, told ABC Radio Melbourne.

“The community in our country, in the last decade, the hat, the head, the ears and the hands have all been down, so we really feel that hats are a symbol of that.”

So hats are being worn, we’re seeing more people with the hats, the hats have got more popularity, so hats are gaining ground and we’re hoping that it can spread to other countries and that people will wear them, too.

“The name is inspired by the way people of Down syndrome use hats in their everyday lives, with Mr Wilson describing it as “the face of the community”.

The hat, as well, comes with an educational message.”

People with Down syndrome are unique in that we have a lot of physical limitations and the only way to overcome them is to be with others like ourselves,” Mr Wilson said.”

To be the face of a community is really about how we share our stories, about how the hat represents us.

“The DHHHHT is also working on developing the first hat in a hat factory.”

It’s going to be in a factory that will create the hats in Australia, but we want to see what other countries do,” Mr Williams said.

The organisation is working with a company in the US to create the first production run, but says the hat could eventually be made in Australia as well.”

That would mean that we could potentially export the hat worldwide,” Mr Lewis said.

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