Which countries are having the biggest cases of Down Syndrome?

When it comes to Down Syndrome, the world’s largest population of people with the chromosomal condition is South Africa.

The nation ranks second in the world for the number of cases.

But it’s the other countries of Africa that are having more people with Down Syndrome than the U.S. And some countries have a problem.

The World Health Organization (WHO) says South Africa has the most cases of the disease, and that some people with it have a low IQ.

The South African government says it has had more than 4,000 cases of congenital and acquired Down Syndrome in recent years.

And it has been on the frontlines of the debate about Down Syndrome since the 1970s.

The country has the world on edge.

A new study released this month found that more than 80 percent of children in South Africa have Down Syndrome.

There are some 1,200 people with an extra copy of the Down syndrome gene, or DSA, in the population.

The researchers found that a baby born to a woman with Down syndrome would have a 100 percent chance of having a sibling with the condition.

Some experts think that’s a sign that a child with the extra copy is at risk for having a rare condition, and can’t be raised normally.

But others worry that the study is just the tip of the iceberg.

The WHO says there is no evidence that Down syndrome is a genetic risk factor.

It’s not a disease in itself.

It doesn’t need to be treated with medications.

And there’s no reason why people with one gene should never have a sibling who also has one.

The most common genetic risk factors for Down syndrome include inherited disorders such as Down syndrome, cystic fibrosis, Tay-Sachs disease and Down syndrome-linked disorders such a Down syndrome.

And that could be why the prevalence of Down syndrome in South African families is so high, said Jelena Maksimovic, a researcher at the Medical University of South Africa who has been studying Down syndrome for the past decade.

Maksić said her team had to compare different cases of DSA gene mutation with each other to see if any of them could be linked to the condition in people with normal IQs.

For example, if a person with Downs has a mutation that causes him to have a certain type of epilepsy, he may be at risk of having epilepsy, Maksicovic said.

It turns out that the mutation in the DSA variant is found in about 15 percent of South African children.

The rest of the time, it’s not.

The research team, which included Maksovic and colleagues from the National Centre for Research in Neurology and Neuroimaging in Johannesburg, South Africa, also found that the gene variant was more prevalent in people who had suffered strokes or heart attacks.

Makicovic and her colleagues did not find any link between Down syndrome and stroke, heart attack or stroke risk.

But they did find that the mutations in the genes of people who have had strokes or other cardiac events were linked to an increased risk of developing Down syndrome as children.

This finding might explain why some people in South Africans with Down-related conditions are born with extra copies of the Dsa gene, Makimovic said, but that’s not what she found in her study.

“It’s possible that some of the cases are people who didn’t have stroke or heart attack but are still at risk,” she said.

Some people with a DSA mutation are at increased risk for learning disabilities and attention deficit disorder, but they’re not the same as those with the genetic risk. “

We still don’t know if the mutations are linked to disease or not, but we are getting closer to understanding that.”

Some people with a DSA mutation are at increased risk for learning disabilities and attention deficit disorder, but they’re not the same as those with the genetic risk.

The DSA is one of the most studied genes in the human genome.

Its mutation is common in many genes and causes many conditions in the body.

There is a number of different ways people with this gene can develop the disease.

Some people have more mutations, while others have less.

There’s no cure for Down Syndrome and no cure-all.

But there are drugs and therapies that can help people with DSA to learn and function better, Makhicovic says.

She’s also studying the genes involved in the brain’s development.

She believes the gene mutation may be the cause of some cognitive issues and learning disabilities in some people.

In a study published in the journal Science Advances in April, Mokicovic found that those with a mutation in DSA also had more cognitive problems.

“I think this could be the explanation for the cognitive issues,” Makhicsicovic told The Associated Press.

Makhica also said her work has shown that the DS gene variant is associated with autism.

Mokicsicica and her research team found that people

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