‘We can’t stop everyone’: The battle for the lives of Down Syndrome children is about more than just money, says Tony McInnes

The battle over Down Syndrome is about the future of the lives and the futures of our children.

The debate over Down syndrome is about our future as a nation.

The battle is about where our children, and our future children, are.

It is about what the future holds for our society, for our people, and for our future generations.

It has been an ongoing battle for many decades and we have lost the battle.

We are losing this fight for our children and our children’s future because we are not united.

We have not been united in the fight to eradicate the disorder, but we have not lost the fight for the cure.

We cannot afford to fail.

This is why I stand here today as an Independent Member of the Scottish Parliament.

I know we are fighting a long and hard battle and it is a fight we must win.

We must continue to fight, not stop.

We can’t afford to lose.

There are many children who will never have a chance at a normal life.

They will never see their parents again.

Their future is at risk, and the world is watching us closely.

It was the greatest loss of a lifetime for me.

As an Independent member of the British House of Commons, I have the responsibility of defending our children in the face of the dangers of Down syndrome and other special needs, disabilities and special needs.

This year, I will fight for them with the same passion and commitment that I have always had.

This battle has taken a huge toll on me and my family.

I am determined to fight the battle for them and to help those who struggle with their disability to be successful.

The struggle is not over.

We know that there are many more people like me in this country who will not see the end of the battle, who will be fighting to end the stigma around Down syndrome, and who will continue to do what they have been doing for the last 50 years to help their children.

In my family, we are all the ones who have to fight to survive, who have been there for the rest of us.

It will be a long journey but we will do it.

We will win.

Our children will live in a society that is better for them.

They can live in an environment that is more tolerant and open.

I believe that it is my responsibility as an independent member of this Parliament to support and support their fight for a society where they can live and thrive.

This means helping them in every way I can.

We owe it to them to continue fighting for the rights of people like them and we are here to help them fight the fight.

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