Down syndrome is a pug. But she can still be fertile.

When I was a teenager, I was diagnosed with Down syndrome.

It was a pretty tough diagnosis to have to be honest.

And when I was 15 years old, my mum gave birth to my son.

I was just about to give birth to the first of my four kids.

My mum was so proud.

I couldn’t imagine being a single parent.

But my son was a special baby, so I wanted to give him the best.

But it’s just been really hard.

It has been tough, and it’s been tough for me to cope with the transition.

Down syndrome can affect your ability to work, you have a hard time controlling your emotions and you can become extremely sensitive to things.

But at the same time, you’re so unique that your physical differences can make it difficult for you to fit into the mainstream.

Down Syndrome Pugs are not known for their personality traits, but that’s what makes them special.

They are born with a condition called Down syndrome, which means their genes are not passed down from parent to child.

But, thanks to a unique genetic system that’s developed over the years, they can be born with their own unique personality traits.

When I was young, I had a tough diagnosis.

And I was very excited about my future and how I wanted my life to unfold.

I had been thinking that I would go into the workforce, I would have my own career.

And it was really exciting.

I just wanted to make it a great life for my kids and myself.

But I found out that it wasn’t so.

At the end of the day, I knew I wanted a career in veterinary medicine.

I wanted people to know that it’s not all doom and gloom, I’m still doing OK, and that I have lots of support.

But the problem was, I never knew how.

I didn’t know how much support was there.

I started researching and talking to people, I started talking to my doctor, and I started getting more and more support.

And then, finally, I got a call from a vet clinic, and she said: I just want to say thank you very much.

She said: You’re so amazing.

After I’d had that experience, I felt like I’d found a really amazing person.

And she gave me a hug and said: Your baby’s going to have special needs, so it’s important for you and your family to understand them.

I’m so grateful to have you in my life.

Down syndrome pugs are born in the US, but they can also be found in other countries, including Australia, New Zealand and Belgium.

Source: The Lad My son is currently in his second trimester of life.

At the moment, he is still learning to walk, and he has some very limited mobility.

And his mobility will hopefully improve in the coming months.

But, so far, it’s all very positive for my baby.

I love him and I adore him, and, just like his mum, I know he’s going in the right direction.

So, I’ve got some great news for everyone who’s worried about how my life is going to be after he’s born: he’s not going to go into nursing.

He’s going into a specialised, life-changing treatment that will be extremely supportive for him.

For anyone who’s interested in Down syndrome pups and surrogacy, we’ve got a page on the website where you can find out more.

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